Faculty Activity & Credentials

IOTA360 Faculty keeps all of the critical information about your faculty in one place. Credentials, certifications, research & publications, honors, course evaluations, assessments, biographical information – it’s all stored and correlated by the system, enabling your institution to utilize all of this information for reporting and data-driven decision making.

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Course Scheduling

Don’t just report your scheduling errors to the accrediting bodies, prevent them from happening in the first place. IOTA360 Faculty makes scheduling of courses and other faculty activities a breeze. The system can easily restrict which faculty can be assigned to a course based upon their credentials, location or scheduling limitations (such as Affordable Care Act conflicts). The automated vetting function ensures that only qualified instructors can be assigned, allowing for quick and easy course assignments and reporting.

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Faculty Contracts Management

IOTA360 Faculty hosts and manages contracts and billing rates for faculty. Faculty can view and electronically sign their contracts, enabling them to invoice for courses taught in the appropriate fiscal year. It also supports unlimited “specialty rates” and customized contract terms. Best of all, because IOTA360 Faculty contains faculty pay rates, you can use the system to best fit your school’s existing budget. You’ll know before the year starts if you’ll have funds left over to improve instructional quality or if you need to cut costs from the existing schedule.

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Accreditation Reporting

IOTA360 Faculty can also provide you with standard or customizable accreditation reports which bring all this data together. With credentialing, schedule vetting, assessments and course evaluations all part of the system, you can glide through the reaffirmation process easier than ever. With all the features in IOTA360 Faculty you won’t just report errors, you can actually eliminate them and demonstrate how you’re doing it!

Automated Faculty Pay

Do you have a lot of adjunct and/or independent contractor faculty? IOTA360 Faculty combines scheduling and contracts to automate faculty invoicing for the courses taught. Faculty can be required to manually submit invoices, or the process can be automated by course date. A one-click process allows admin to approve or deny any invoice. Upon approval, the invoice data can be exported into the institution’s A/P or HR system. Faculty members can view the status of any invoice at any point in the process.

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Custom Report Generation

With the IOTA360 Faculty ad-hoc report generator, you can create customized reports on the fly with no limitations on complexity. If the data is in your system, you can create a report for it!

Integrated Assessments and Course Evaluations

IOTA360 Faculty also provides you with fully integrated solutions for all your assessments and course evaluation needs. And you can house them all in one single system, eliminating the need for multiple “point solutions” that don’t share data.

Tests & Quizzes

IOTA360 Faculty can provide an online testing environment for any desired tests or certifications – either professional or academic. This can be used for everything from establishing instructional competency to verifying knowledge of institutional procedures and HR policies.

Faculty Resource Library

A repository for all documents which are useful to faculty, whether to help them teach their classes better (like a suggested syllabus) or to handle administrative tasks (like a payroll ACH form). It’s also a great place to store training videos and power-points.

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