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When you implement IOTA360 Evaluations for your course evaluations, you keep control of the entire process, but we do all the work. Simply tell us what you want to happen and we take it from there. Scheduling, reminder emails, survey delivery, LMS integration, student & faculty support, results reporting, viewing permissions, last minute edits or corrections…. We handle it all for you. And if you prefer to handle all of the system administration in house, you can select that option, too.

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Standard Reports

IOTA360 Evaluations provides seven standard IOTA reports plus a custom report generator:

Instructor Benchmark

Instructor compared against entire faculty, school or college, and department, broken down and displayed by question

Graphical Summary Report

Graphical representation with Frequencies/Percentages mean, SD, mode, median, peer average, peer standard deviation, min/max value of questions, lowest response count/highest response count and total responses. Also displays all comments by question.

Browse Results

Browse through individual survey submissions available for viewing answers and comments by individual submission

Instructor Comparison Report

Evaluation results for all courses taught, broken down by question (averages per sections, per question and overall average)

Word Frequency Distribution

Result of this analysis provides insight into students’ sentiments commonly expressed in their evaluations. Full-Text Search enabled, the keywords are indexed along with occurrence counts for each keyword down to the document level (a single comment). IOTA displays a “Tag Cloud” which gives a visual representation of the relative frequency of occurrence for each keyword.

Comprehensive Report

This view displays a one page report that includes all scored questions and student comments.

Historical Analysis

This report allows you view historical results for scored questions for each course taught by the instructor.

Custom Report Builder

Build your own reports on any data points and time periods you need.

IOTA360 reports aggregate student response data by instructor within course, division, department, school/college, institution, and academic term. Key features also support:

  • Multiple instructors per course/section
  • Cross-listed courses
  • Tiny class sizes
  • Dynamic scheduling with unlimited survey sessions per academic term (e.g.: 6-, 8-, 12-, and traditional 16-week courses all inside of a single semester)
  • Exporting reports in multiple file formats, including Excel, PDF, and CSV
  • Importing historical evaluations data from legacy systems via TXT, CSV, XML, etc.

IOTA360 provides for the ability to export into multiple file formats, including MS Excel, PDF, etc. The college or University also has access to all raw data in a format that can be read by existing reporting software such as SPSS or MS Access.

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