Can I get the modules separately?

Yes. We realize that schools may have systems in place for some functions such as assessments or course evaluations that are working well already. If you only need parts of the IOTA360 system, you can get just the modules you need. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll be sacrificing some of the power and value of having a completely integrated system.

Is there a manual override to the automated vetting?

Absolutely. The automated vetting function in IOTA360 Faculty saves enormous amounts of time and money and reduces potential for errors. But there will always be cases where scheduling exceptions have to be made, especially last minute. Managers and admins can manually assign a class and enter exception and justification statements.

Do I have to include faculty contracts & rates?

No, you don’t have to. But it can be very helpful in the planning and scheduling. With all rates in the system, you’ll be able to easily see ahead of time if your instructional spend is over or under budget, allowing you to adjust accordingly.

Are contracts and rates private?

Yes, only the faculty member herself and school management personnel specifically approved will have access to this sensitive information. IOTA360 Faculty is a role or permissions based system to ensure data integrity.

How do faculty credentials get input?

Initially, they will be imported from whatever system is currently be used to house this information. Typically that would be your SIS or ERP system such as PeopleSoft. Once IOTA360 Faculty has been fully implemented, either faculty or admins can add items to the system with an optional validation requirement to insure the integrity of the content being added.

Have any additional questions?

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