Easily Accommodates Gen Ed Requirements

Design your own rubrics to fit your specific needs. The system will step you easily through the process, whether it’s at course/student level, institution level, or anywhere in between.

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360 Peer And Management Reviews

Easily gather actionable data to improve quality of instruction, leadership, and student learning.

Performance Based Learning Outcomes

Fully compliant with increasing reporting requirements for state regulation and funding. Supports both objective and subjective question, fed directly into the Student Learning Outcome scores.

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Rubric Based Outcomes

Supports all traditional rubrics based assessments, feeding results into your progress reports.

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Unlimited Reporting Levels

Generate whatever level of granularity you desire – by student, instructor, course, department, school, entire institution, or anything else you need.

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Uploads Directly Into Strategic Planning Systems

All data can upload seamlessly into your planning systems, allowing you to measure outcomes against goals, or to inform how to set future goals.

Simplify the Accreditation Process

Detailed reports are generated seamlessly on the fly to demonstrate actions taken and progress made since the last visit.

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