Can it do Gen Ed?

Absolutely. IOTA360 is completely configurable so it can handle all the different departmental requirements that make up your Gen Ed catalogue.

Can we do both rubric based and performance based assessments?

Yes. You can use either rubric or performance based instruments, or you can even combine the 2 methods in the same instrument for a hybrid model.

How fast can we get up and running?

It’s simple – just load your instruments into the system and you’re off and running. If you are crunched for time, we can even load everything for you.

Can I get just the assessments stand alone?

Sure thing. If you don’t need the course evaluations or the faculty data and scheduling capabilities, you can just implement IOTA360 Assessments all by itself.

Who sees the assessment results?

That’s entirely up to you. All components of IOTA360 are based on a viewing permissions model. Results viewing capabilities can be defined by any rules you like, and exceptions are always allowed if you need them.

Am I limited to standard reporting levels (dept, school, etc)?

No. IOTA360 Assessments is designed to allow you to generate reports based on any combination of fields in your input data.