What are your response rates?

Every school is different, but those who switch to IOTA360 Evaluations after trying other platforms almost always tell us they are higher with us. We offer a variety of best practices and methods learned over 17 years. Our “Roadmap to High Response Rates” often yields over 70% response rates.

How much does it cost?

That depends. We use a proprietary pricing model based mostly on the total number of annual “users” (faculty and students). We can usually provide a very reliable estimate with just a 5 minute phone conversation.

Do you integrate with our LMS?

YES! We offer single-sign-on for every LMS available today. For Blackboard and Canvas users we have an LTI toolkit for a quick plug and play integration. For any other LMS/SIS we can integrate with any current format (SAML, CAS, LDAP/Active Directory, and Shibboleth). Check with your LMS administrator or IT department for their preferred method and we will support it.

Am I limited to the standard reports?

Absolutely not! While the standards are fine for a lot of schools, others want or need automated reports unique to their institutions. In fact, over 60% of our clients have custom reports developed specifically for their unique requirements. Give us your specs and we’ll build it just the way you want it (additional charges may apply).

How fast can I see my results?

Evaluation results can be viewed as soon as the day after the evaluation session closes. However, the actual release date of evaluation results is determined by each school’s requirements.

Can instructors add their own questions?

Yes. If a school wants to enable faculty to ask their own unique questions, we usually provide a 1 or 2 week window prior to launching the evaluation session for instructors to enter them into the system. When the evaluation session closes, only the instructor sees the answers to their unique questions.

Are the submissions truly anonymous?

Absolutely! In addition to basic FERPA requirements, IOTA360 takes student anonymity very seriously. Even in our data storage, responses are not stored with information that would identify the student. Although we do keep track of which students have completed the evaluations, student comments and responses are never linked to the identity of a student in any report or download unless the student explicitly identifies themselves in their comments.

Can students submit evaluations from smart phones and tablets?

Yes. IOTA360 Evaluations is fully mobile device enabled. In fact, we encourage this for higher response rates.

Can faculty view results from smart phones and tablets?

Yes. IOTA360 Evaluations’ results pages are fully mobile device enabled.

What does “full service” or “fully manage” mean?

Basically, it means that you tell us how you want the system to run and we do all the work. We handle scheduling, reminder emails, survey creation and delivery, LMS integration, student & faculty support, and results reporting.

Do you support social media?

Definitely! We can work with your social media administrator to plan Facebook posts and Twitter announcements. The more ways we can communicate with your students on their terms, the more successful you will be.