Full Service Support

IOTA handles almost everything for you. We enter your surveys into the system, upload your data and make any necessary corrections, and handle all email communications with your faculty and students before the evaluations start. Then we handle all support issues with faculty and students during and after the evaluation periods as well. We don’t just give you access to our platform and then disappear.

Dynamic Scheduling

Most schools have classes starting and ending all throughout the year. IOTA360 Evaluations allows you to schedule and deliver an infinite number of evaluation sessions to accommodate your unique school schedule.

Robust and Intuitive Reports

Our standard reports are known in the industry to be the gold standard. They are easy to interpret, yet rich enough in data to please even the most meticulous instructors and administrators. And if you need additional custom reports specific to your department or school, we can provide whatever you need.

Faculty Added Questions

Individual instructors can ask questions that are specific to their courses. Typically, they will have a 1 or 2 week period prior to launching the evaluations when they can add their own questions to the end of the evaluation if they so choose.

Team-Taught Courses

Allows students to complete the course section questions only once – not over and over again when they evaluate each instructor. There is no limit to the number of instructors you may have teaching in the same section.

Real-time Response Rates

Whenever an evaluation session is launched, it will activate your live response rate tracker on your dashboard. This will display real time data that you can use to alter your communication or delivery plan if necessary.

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